Share the Softness by Kleenex

Kleenex have launched a new campaign which allows users to send a box of Kleenex tissues to their friends with a personalized message.

‘Share the Softness’, is a fully integrated campaign and uses TVC, online banners and videos to drive users to facebook or the Kleenex site to enter.

If you are not sure about what message to send, the Kleenex app will also make suggestions like,  ‘you are such a big softy that I wanted to share these with you’ and ‘thinking of you and wanted to share some softness’.

Given that a box of tissues is a low value product and not something that we normally expect as a gift from a friend, does ‘Share the Softness’ have enough social media collateral to be a success?

I believe that Kleenex have a compelling idea. Think about all the different scenarios that a person may need a  box of tissues, recent relationship problems, a cold, a new baby, and so on. Through the use of Social Media, Kleenex are offering their target audience an emotional connection.

So does this campaign tick the boxes of a successful social media campaign, that is…

Is it relevant?

Is it engaging?

Does it provide value for the audience that is targeting?

Is it unique to the brand?

Is there a surprise factor?

Would you ‘Share the Softness’ with a friend?


5 thoughts on “Share the Softness by Kleenex

  1. Hi Frank,

    Nice blog. I’ll sure will use Kleenex idea/campaign to send a box of tissue for a beautiful girl that has just been broken up by her boyfriend, with the box written “He is done, yet I’ll the next and better one.”.. Wonder if that sentence will make that box of tissue go straight into the recycling bin…. ‘Shared the softness’ they said…. he he he…

    • Hey Risnandar, I think it is a perfect gift for a beautiful girl who has just broken up with her boyfriend
      Let me know if it works, so i can publish the results on my blog. 🙂

      Just thinking, it could be a great campaign for AXE, as that brand is marketing its self as the brand that gets you beautiful girls.

  2. Love your blog. Very clean and easy to read just like the campaign you put up. For me, I think campaign goes well with the mood and tone of the brand. In fact, it ride on the social media of sharing and spreading message to other people. My question is how to keep the momentum of the campaign going. This question is also a big question on my mind with other interesting campaigns as well.

    • Hey Pear, thanks for your kind words.
      How to keep the momentum going?, it is great topic for a conversation. I think a lot of bigger brands just plan a number of online campaigns throughout the year and keep their fans intrigued.

  3. I have to agree with Pear – what a lovely clean and easy-to-read blog!

    I like what Kleenex are doing with this campaign… and it seems to be well-integrated with their offline activities, too. I saw them today in morning peak-hour handing out free samples at Flinders Street Station in Melbourne. A consistent message across multiple channels. Nice!

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