NFC and the future of Social Media

It seems that all the technology pundits are talking about is Near Field Technology (NFC), as the next ‘game changer’ in the way we purchase goods.

As Sarah Kessler from Mashable explains “NFC allows a device, usually a mobile phone, to collect data from another device or NFC tag at close range…it’s similar to Bluetooth, except that instead of programming two devices to work together, they can simply touch to establish a connection” (NFC Technology: 6 Ways it Could Change Our Lives).

All the major credit card, mobile phone and technology companies are involved in cultivating and evolving the technology. In fact, the current ‘tap to pay’ Mastercard promotion is a perfect example of NFC technology. By tapping the NFC tag enabled card against an NFC reader, a transaction is completed. Entering a pin number or signing a receipt is no longer necessary.

A cashless society is one step closer thanks to NFC

Picture 1

The ramifications of having NFC tags on our phones will change life beyond the credit card payment.

Coined the ‘digital wallet’, think about all the other information that you can store in a chip on your mobile phone; Medicare, MYKI and even Loyalty card information.

Marketing communications will also change dramatically. Through your phone you will be able to interact with posters, brochures, bus shelters, and everything else that may have once been inanimate, one-way communication.

The ramifications for Social Media will be extraordinary. You will be able to walk into a shoe store and by just taping your phone against the new Converse running shoes, see what other people said about them, ‘like’ them in Facebook, Tweet about them…and eventually purchase them.

Through NFC, Social Media will blend real life experiences with virtual in real time and with great continuity.

How do you think NFC will change Social Media?


3 thoughts on “NFC and the future of Social Media

  1. I’m looking forward to seeing how marketers find new and creative uses for NFC. Mobile “wallets” are the obvious first step, but I expect that, like most new technologies, marketers will find innovative ways to engage customers.

    As you suggest, an obvious application is the ability to allow customers to quickly and effortlessly tweet, like or check-in to a brand or location. The smart marketers will find a way to add value to the customer experience, whilst capturing value for the organisation at the same time.

    Let’s get creative… who’s got any ideas on how this could work?

  2. I believe that if brands in the same category hands in hands create a network for consumer to get some benefits such as promotion or exclusivity, this might work. For example, three top apparel brands partner up and let consumers get an exclusive online conversation with the fashion guru if they purchase their product with NFC.

    However, I am not too sure if this would work especially in the country where security is not too well-operated. In Thailand, people are so scare to use this type of transaction because they still feel insecure.

  3. Here is a couple of scenarios…

    Not hard to imagine a grey, rainy,cold morning, and everyone scampering, trying to get shelter under a tram stop. A perfect opportunity for a sunny holiday destination to a video, a special offer or other promotion to people across the city.

    Also, imagine NFC tags embedded in seats at the football, you could have all the statistics at your fingertips, watch replays of exciting plays, and tell you when the next train will be departing from the station.

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