Intel’s Facebook campaigns… genius or just gimmicky

Intel seem to always create a buzz with their Facebook campaigns.

‘The Museum of Me’ turns your Facebook, profile, photos, friends, likes, etc into a a type of  gallery. The gallery is turned into a video  that could be shared with the Facebook world.

If you think that sounds fun, you need to also check out Intel’s most recent campaign, ‘Musical of Me’ connects to a users Facebook timeline, via music, events and photos.

The videos are amazing, they boast high production values and great imagery and overall are very unique pieces of communication.

If you have not already tried them you should.

‘The museum of Me’  campaign went nuts, within two weeks after launch they had achieved…

  • +790,000 shares onto Facebook
  • +130,000,000 impressions on Facebook

source: (Intel website)

‘The Musical of Me’ has just be launched and will also be very widely viewed.

As much as I love both campaigns, I am not sure how they benefit the brand. Intel is the world’s largest and most successful semiconductor chip maker, their products are normally found inside your favourite PC. I understand that the campaigns in some way do exhibit Intel’s prowess in digital technology, but I think that message may be lost on most users.

Are Intel’s Facebook campaigns a work of marketing genius or are they just a source of muse for Facebook users?

Can a great experience on Facebook achieve  brand loyalty and awareness?

Is Facebook the right channel for Intel?


7 thoughts on “Intel’s Facebook campaigns… genius or just gimmicky

  1. Intel have wanted to be a brand out of the box for ages. Why else would a incomprehensible technology like a semiconductor want a sticker on the exterior of the machine.

    Two hypothetical reasons it might be the right channel:

    Intel is probably competing for engineers seduced by the cool factor of other tech companies, plus they’re increasingly up against a cheaper AMD chip at the point of sale. These campaigns probably achieve a reasonable salience and help build a brand justification of the price premium.

    • Yes sure, I guess if you had two similar model PC’s and one had the Intel sticker, you would pick the Intel one based on familiarity and enjoyable brand experiences.

  2. Intel sucking me and my info into and from fb wont get me unless there is some overwhelming feedback from my peers…good ol WOM….my view on FB is that “the fun is done”…its just a tool now and im becoming evermore weary about every click my family and I make.

  3. yep, that is a big issue, but I guess if you were really concerned about privacy you have already stepped into the dragons lair by engaging with facebook.

  4. The Facebook audience is not necessarily the target market. Surely a brand that has clout with consumers is more appealing to manufacturers and designers?

  5. Whilst the “Museum of Me” campaign is very clever (technically), and it connects very well with its audience, I fail to see the connection to the brand. I remember seeing it a few weeks ago when it was launched, but until I read your blog, I had forgotten which brand was behind it.

    Sure, it might win awards for creativity, but does that make it effective?

    Keep up the good work!

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