Mamas Cooking : missing the secret ingredient?

A few years ago, whilst working for a digital agency, I pitched an idea to the CEO which I though would become a viral hit. It was called ‘Mamas Cooking’ and it was a series of videos, about mothers teaching their grown up kids how to cook traditional dishes from their country of origin. The purpose was to capture and preserve these dishes in all their glory, with all their fatty ingredients, in old school kitchens with real, earthy banter.  Apart from cooking knowledge, the videos would act as entertainment, and really feed on the chemistry between family. Keep in mind that this was pre Master Chef and the myriad of shows that are presently available.

The CEO liked the idea, agreed to shoot a pilot, and then monitor  to see whether the video would take off. If we were to be successful we would approach a number of brands that we were in contact with to sponsor an international version, where we would shoot in remote areas of Japan, Russia, Italy, China and Latin America.

After a few months floating around on  youtube, sadly, mamas cooking did not hit tipping point, and I never went shooting on exotic locations.

So what should we have done differently?

Seeding : It is really no enough to seed your campaign on video sites, this particular video should have been seeded on cooking/ foodie  blogs and sites, as well as publishing in connector sites like Digg, Reddit, Stumble, Upon and Delicious. You can use what influence you and your company has on Facebook and Twitter, but a better plan would be to look for Social Media influencers within those channels and ask them to help promote the content, even run a facebook competition where  the winners would partake in the videos.

Content: Perhaps an international celebrity and his mum would of had more pulling power :). Also the 10 minute video may have been on the cusp of people’s patience with this medium.  

Testing: Doing the one pilot show may not have been enough perhaps by tracking the comments of the first one, we could have produced a better second and even third video.

What ideas do you think would of changed the fate of Mamas Cooking?


2 thoughts on “Mamas Cooking : missing the secret ingredient?

  1. Hi Frank, I think it was a great video, certainly make me hungry. Just missing the finishing shot of the food i guess. Nevertheless i still think it is a great idea. How did you spread the video though? May be there weren’t enough kick at the beginning?

  2. hey chavapon, thanks for the kind words. It was just served in you tube and facebook…yes perhaps we could of done a bit of a teaser, or even perhaps even started our own you tube channel.

    You should try the recipe, it tastes great!

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