Ford Fiesta: Social Media that Sells

In the last few years Ford Fiesta have been one of the most innovative brands in using social media.

An oldie but a goodie is the Ford Fiesta Movement, when Ford wanted to launch into the small car market in the US, they gave 100 cars to 100 people, for a 6 month period.  The idea was to take the Ford Fiesta on adventures and get the community involved. Adventures would be documented  on video and those with the most social media engagement would win the car. There were some great stories, a wresting alligator mission, meals on wheels safaris and supplying the national guard with snacks.

The Fiesta Movement was a game changer, according to Harvard Business Online, Ford sold 10,000 units in the first six days of sales, had over 6.5million views, and  50,000 requests for information about the car.  All by just giving 100 people a camera and a car.

Ford Fiesta have just recently released the Fiestagram, an innovative campaign that asks users to link Fiestas’ state of the art technology with photography. Facebook and Instagram were the platforms of choice, and the campaign was also bought to real life through galleries and a live billboard. The campaign created 120,000 fans.


I really like the way that Ford Fiesta uses Social Media to achieve business goals. I am guessing that their target market is twenty something, so they look at what will interest their prospects from a cultural perspective, and of course it has to be fun. Ultimately the brand thinks about different ways that they can add value to the users life.

An advertising colleague in China once described Social Media marketing to me as entering someone’s lounge room,  you are the guest so you need to behave appropriately. It seems Ford Fiesta are the perfect guests.


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